Bills, bills, bills: How local lawmakers stack up

Legislators are steaming through work at the Capitol, but how much of it has come from Woodbury-area lawmakers? Here’s a quick run-down of how many bills area legislators have offered.

Sen. Ted Lillie, R-Lake Elmo, is the chief author of 10 bills. Those include the first piece of legislation Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law: a bill calling for lead poisoning prevention provisions.

Rep. Andrea Kieffer, R-Woodbury, is the chief author of seven bills, including Tyler’s Law, which would integrate carbon monoxide awareness into driver’s training. Lillie also has also signed on to a Senate version of the bill.

Rep. Kathy Lohmer, R-Lake Elmo, has drafted four of her own bills. That includes a bill to fund outreach for homeless veterans in Minnesota.

In case you’re keeping track, the leading House legislation-drafter is Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston, who has drafted 60 bills.

On the Senate side, lawmaker Michael Jungbauer, R-East Bethel takes the cake. He’s drafted 47 bills.

Now for perspective. According to the latest Chief Clerk’s Office information available – through the 2007-08 legislation session – the Legislature introduced 8,151 bills between both chambers. Of those, 373 were presented to then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

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