East Ridge meets Hogwarts


A group of students at East Ridge High School have decided to transform the school into Hogwarts with the introduction of Quidditch — the popular game from the Harry Potter books. The new group will meet after school for practice and games, but in order to play Quidditch, first you need to learn the rules and the lingo.

The rules
The Chasers score goals with the Quaffle and goals are worth 10 points each. The Keepers guard their goal hoops. The Beaters throw the Bludgers at other players, causing them to drop whatever ball they’re holding and return to their goal zone before returning to play. The Seeker who catches the Snitch earns his/her team an extra 150 points, and the capture of the Snitch ends the game.  Most rules require that the players have a broom between their legs at all time, but the ERHS version will have that be optional.

The lingo:
•    The Quaffle is a spherical red ball that is used to score the goals.
•    Bludgers are smaller balls used to distract the players.
•    There are two parts to snitch since in reality there cannot be a flying ball like in the books. The Snitch is made up of the Snitch Runner and the Snitch Ball. The goal of the Snitch is to stay out of reach of players by being quick and stealthy. 
•    The Chasers are the goal scorers in the game. The chasers work together to throw the Quaffle through the hoop.
•    The Beaters throw the Bludgers at opposing teammates in hopes of forcing them to drop the Quaffle or the snitch.
•    The Keepers are responsible for defending the team’s hoops and preventing players from throwing the Quaffle into them.
•    The Seekers are responsible  for chasing down the Snitch.

To view a video of Ground Quidditch, see this CBS News story.                                       

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